Technical Consultancy
HCM can provide assistance to our customers and their customers at the early stages of part design, this can often help improving the part design for serial production moulds

Mould design review
We prefer to meet face to face with our customers and go through in detail the mould and part designs before committing to steel. This can be carried out at either the customers own offices or at the HCM offices in Holland, Germany, UK or China.

Project Management
HCM provides weekly updates on tooling progress as well as co-ordinating the shipment of materials, parts and moulds. By doing this we take the additional workload off our already busy customers.

Technical Support
HCM can assist customers during the initial in house trials to make sure all is working well with the moulds and with the process.

Post China Support
HCM supply all production moulds with a guarantee and will upon request assist with any technical requests such as service, modifications and repairs that occur after the moulds are delivered to the customer.

What We Do

  • Project management
  • Arrange Quotations
  • Quality Analysis
  • Risk Analysis
  • Design Control
  • Budget Breakdown


All tools were manufactured in extremely short delivery times to exacting standards and performed to expectations from day one.